Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

  • Model: DCR/ DCD, DCRH/ DCDH
  • Stroke: 15~75 mm
  • Spring Range: 0.08-0.24 MPa
  • Air Supply Pressure: 0.14- 0.4 MPa
  • Applicable temperature: -30 C~70 C
  • Action type: DCR/ DCRH-Reverse action                                        DCD/ DCDH- Direct action
  • Accessory: Handwheel, Positioner, Air filter regulator, Solenoid valve,etc (Optional)
  • Body: Q235
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Product Description


The DC series multi-spring diaphragm actuator converts the output pressure of the pneumatic regulating instrument into the change of the push rod displacement. Therefore, when it is connected with the body of the regulating valve, it can move the valve plug to the position corresponding to the input signal.

The actuator adopts multi-spring diaphragm, so it has the characteristics of compact structure and large output force.

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