FRPP, UPVC, CPVC, PVDF, Plastic Valves by China Factory

Plastic Valves

The plastic valves come from a brother factory in which our company has a stake. The factory was established in 1980. It was one of the first enterprises in China to design and produce industrial plastic valves and obtain acceptance from the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

The company produced its first plastic diaphragm valve in 1980 and passed the technical appraisal of the Ministry of Chemical Industry in 1983. For more than 40 years, the factory’s products have been exported to more than 60 countries and it has been a leading manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves and piping systems.

The factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification, and is the main formulation unit of plastic diaphragm valve standards and plastic ball valve standards in China’s chemical industry.

Our main products include plastic ball valves, plastic check valves, plastic diaphragm valves, plastic butterfly valves, etc. Valve body materials include FRPP, PPH, UPVC, CPVC, PVDF, etc.

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