Intelligent Control Check Valve/ Triple Duty Valve

  • Model: DCC-1,2
  • Size: DN50-DN600 (2″-24″)
  • Applicable temperature: Max. 120 C
  • Pressure rating:  PN16, PN25
  • Body: DI, CS
  • Connection:  Flanged 
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Product Description

This control check valve protects thepump by bypassing the dischargepressure that instantaneouslyrises when the pump starts.

It also absorbs shock by linearlyopening the water hammercushion valve to prevent a waterhammer resulting from a surge inpressure by the backward flow ofwater inside a standing pipelinewhen the pump stops.

In addition,this product hasa port soft sealing structure.thereby ensuring perfect airtightness at normal times.


  • Performs 5 different functions : check valve, balancing valve, bypass valve, and relief valve.
  • No Water Hammer in the pump : The spring reacts to the Pump Discharge Pressure (PDP)
    so that the disc closes in time.
  • No need to install a separate balancing valve & attached indicator enables easy identification :The valve can regulate the flow of fluid according to the accurately controlling valve openingdegree and the attached indicator visually provides the open/closed status of the valve.
  • Possible to install in any direction, horizontally or vertically : lnstallation space is reduced andconstruction is convenient.
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