How to install the pressure reducing valve correctly

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In many cases, we find that many users cannot install the steam pressure reducing valve for steam correctly, so that the pressure reducing valve cannot work normally, and even affect the production of the factory. Some are due to cost-saving reasons, while others are due to lack of professional knowledge and guidance.

It is not that the steam pressure reducing valve has been damaged, simply replacing a new pressure reducing valve may not be the most appropriate solution.

We need to understand the two main reasons why a pressure reducing valve does not work properly and find the correct solution. The two main reasons are as follows:

1. There is a large amount of condensed water accumulated in the pressure reducing valve;

2. Particle impurities enter the pressure reducing valve and block the moving parts.

Therefore, the correct solution is:

1. Install a steam-water separator and a steam trap before the pressure reducing valve;

2. Install a special filter, it is recommended to have more than 100 mesh;

3. Install a bypass pipeline to ensure uninterrupted steam supply and avoid affecting production during maintenance of the pressure reducing valve.

4. A sufficient length of straight pipe sections should be reserved before and after the pressure reducing valve.

The standard installation diagram of the pressure reducing valve is as follows:

China pressure reducing valve
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