Reliable Flow Meter From China Manufacturer

China factory supplier for Vortex Flow meter, Electromagnetic Flow meter, Turbine Flow meter, Ultrasonic Flow meter,  Oval Gear Flow Meter.

China Flowmeter factory

As early as 2009, our factory began to cooperate with a South Korean valve factory to develop flow meters. So far, we have more than ten years of manufacturing experience. The products are exported to South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia in large quantities, and are highly valued by users.

We manufacture the following types of flow meters:

Vortex Flow meter, Electromagnetic Flow meter, Coriolis Mass Flow meter, Orifice Plate Flow meter, Rotameter, Turbine Flow meter, Ultrasonic Flow meter, Venturi Flow meter, Thermal Mass Flow meter, Oval Gear Flow Meter, etc.

China Flow Meter Manufacturer

Our flowmeter products are suitable for different fluid media, such as clean water, sewage, oil, steam, gas, pulp, paint, and various acid and alkali liquids, etc., providing good solutions for measurement and energy saving.

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