What are the characteristics of the scotch yoke type pneumatic actuator?

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China scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

The scotch-yoke type pneumatic actuator has the following characteristics:

1. Large torque.

With the same cylinder diameter, the output torque of the scotch yoke type pneumatic actuator is much greater than that of the rack-pinion type.

2. Fast action.

Compared with the rack-pinion type, the operating time of the scotch yoke type pneumatic actuator is much shorter, so it is very suitable for those occasions that require quick opening or closing.

3. Small volume and light weight.

Because of the large output torque, a smaller-sized scotch yoke type pneumatic actuator can be used for the same valve, which is easier to assemble and install, saving installation space and operating platform.

4. The price is more competitive.

In the same situation, a smaller actuator can be selected, so the price is advantageous. Especially the larger the size of the valve, the more advantageous the price of the actuator.

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